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Ron Whitley

333 Atlantic Ave

Kure Beach, NC 28449

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My Web Site: http://computers2go.50webs.com

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A+ certification - Comptia

Ron Whitley

♦ Kure Beach, NC 28449 ♦ T: 919-912-6962 ♦  ncron@yahoo.com 

Computer Consultant & Engineer

Hyper Innovations                                                                                                    11/92 – Present

Computer & Engineering Consultant


  • Designed integrated systems for research and administrative groups, specifying applications, operating systems, connectivity, storage, security requirements and policies.
  • Performed duties of Prototype Analyst as specified, to produce electronic circuit designs and technical drawings of client’s ideas to be submitted to the US Patent Office.
  • Assisted clients in getting product ideas patented with required paperwork for the Patent Office.
  • Analog / Digital Electronic Circuit design and Schematic capture using PCAD, OrCAD, Eagle and Mentor Graphics design packages.
  • Completed Breadboard, Netlist & BOM (Bill of Material) lists and prototyping design models for Commercial Production.
  • Designed Optical Laser power supply units.
  • Designed 16-channel servo valve controller boards for simulating animal movements for movie applications regarding large and prehistoric animals.
  • Designed Motor speed controllers for movie studios to use in converting professional movie cameras into digitally controlled cameras to set aperture speed for special effects in movies.
  • Completed 120 hour course study of Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and SolidEdge 3D Design & Stress Analysis.



Motorola Systems Engineering Division                                                                          6/91 - 11/92

Computer & Engineering Consultant


  • Technical Liaison between Southern Calif. Rapid Transit District, Bechtel, and Motorola for the design, setup and installation of the Metro Rail (Red Line) Underground Communications Systems for communications between the Police, Fire, & Emergency Squads in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Performed Technical Writing duties tracking and preparing technical aspects and responses to RFP’s & RFQ’s for the Red Line - Metro Rail project.
  • Designed a guard tone detection circuit to work with the Police frequencies used for emergency responses.
  • Completed test & verification of all rail platform communication systems from Union Station to West Lake McArthur underground train stations in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Successfully maintained / tracked a 200 pair cable, excel database for the copper cable connection being converted to a 200 pair Fiber Optic communication line for the Red Line Metro Rail Design in L.A.
  • Installed the RF communications equipment and cabling for the inter-communications capability for the Police, Fire, Emergency & Rescue squads for the above-ground and underground Metro-Rail communications contract.
  • Tested signal integrity of all communications systems between the four Rail Platforms from Union Station in Los Angeles, CA and West Lake-McArthur Station in Los Angeles, CA.



Perestroika USA, Inc. - Camarillo, CA / Moscow, Russia                                                12/89 - 5/91

Computer Systems Engineer


  • Key person in the location and setup of the computer testing facility for the manufacture and testing of a 70,000 computer contract between INEKO (Soviet-American Joint Venture), Ministry of Finance of the USSR and Perestroika USA, Inc.
  • Trained factory Administrative and Technical .personnel in Burn-in Testing, troubleshooting and Spinrite software usage for final Testing of the built Computers.
  • Conceptualized and designed Computer systems requested by the  Russian Ministry of Finance Main Computer Center in Moscow.
  • Trained 15 Russian Engineers in the art of Computer troubleshooting and Repair using Spinrite & visual assessment techniques.
  • After delivery of first 3,000 computers a problem was detected in the design and I was sent to Moscow again to discover the problem.
  • The problem of firmware self-test timing error was discovered within 8 hours of my arrival in Moscow and a solution was reached with the Engineering Department of the Hard Drive manufacturer in San Jose, CA.
  • Spent 10 Months total time in Moscow – learned to speak Russian.



NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, CA                                                          1/85 - 10/89

Test Engineer


  • Coordinated with third-party development teams at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory on engineering and Design of the Venus Radar Mapper (Magellan) Satellite Test Rack.
  • Partially designed and built the Test Rack that tested the Magellan Satellite before sending it into space, verifying the operational validity of the X&S Band up converter/down converter communications system for 12 GHz to 18 GHz Space to Earth & Earth to Space communications thru Simulation.
  • I authored the Operations Manual for the Test Rack to instruct Martin-Marietta of Georgia in the usage of the Test Rack.



Litton Data Command Systems – Agoura, CA                                                              1/82 - 10/84

Test Engineer


  • Worked with Engineers to program digital test boards and FPGA’s to verify new C3 Digital to Analog system conversion.
  • Completed conversion of all Analog signals to Digital & Verified compatibility with Rocket Launcher Control Shelter & Fletermouse, 50mm Remote controlled Tank/Canon with the C3 systems to be placed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and other key Military installations for their protection.



United States Air Force – Litchfield, AZ                                                                      3/77 - 3/81

Aerospace Avionics Ground Equipment Specialist


  • Repaired & maintained all F-15 Avionics to include TACAN, LORAN, IFF, Stick Controls, and Radar / Navigation equipment for the Tactical Air Command (TAC) Squadron at Luke Air Force Base.

Ron's Resume 2011 

 Education / Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Avionics Ground Equipment Specialist – (USAF)
  • Continued professional education in foreign languages_ Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese and Russian

    Electrical Experience: (5 yrs total Experience)

    Jan – Apr 2008
    T & H Electrical – Installed main electrical and gas systems into new building connected by underground tunnel to Johnston Memorial Hospital – Smithfield, NC

    Oct – Feb 2005
    EMSCO Electrical – Expanded Smithfield Public Library electrical systems into new building section, Market Street – Smithfield, NC

    June - Oct 2003

    McLung Electrical - Smithfield, Selma & Garner projects

    Previous Experience
    Installed 220 volt Outdoor Spa Systems, repaired Lighting system ballasts, installed 120 & 220 volt lighting systems, Marquee & Internal Theater Lighting – Arizona & Los Angeles, CA



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